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The 3 Types of IOT Data That Retailers Can Really Use

  From retargeting to social media, digital advertising, content marketing, email marketing and
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Five Questions Retailers Should Ask Before Using The Internet of Things In Stores

  McKinsey estimates that by 2025, the potential economic impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) in
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How Retailers Can Balance Innovation and ROI

  Retail Dive recently published a fantastic interview with Mike Edwards, the former CEO of Lucy
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Three Ways Gap Can Win Shoppers Back

  Last month, Jeff Kirwan announced his resignation as President and CEO of the Gap. The chain had
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How Malls Need to Evolve to Survive

  The American mall is struggling - it’s estimated that 25% of malls in United States will close by
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Two Questions Retailers Must Ask Themselves in 2018

  A recent study by Accenture found that failure to personalize their brands cost B2C businesses
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The Six Technologies Every Storefront Will Have By 2025

  The 2002 motion picture Minority Report is famous among marketers for a particular clip that
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Nine Tech Buzzwords Retailers Should Actually Know, Part Three

  This is the third of our three part series outlining the nine tech buzzwords retailers should
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Nine Tech Buzzwords Retailers Should Actually Understand, Part Two

  Welcome back to part two of our three part blog series, Nine Tech Buzzwords Retailers Should