Smart City Expo Atlanta

During the Smart City Expo Atlanta, there are numerous ways to connect with SBRA. 

Visit the Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners on 9/11 for the grand opening of this publicly funded, real-world living laboratory and testbed featuring a 1.5 mile autonomous vehicle test track. The lab is situated within a 500-acre commercial office park located in Peachtree Corners and aims to help developers better understand how their technologies will work in a suburban setting. SoftBank Robotics will be on hand to discuss robotics in smart cities and demonstrate our latest solution. 

Join Kass Dawson, Head of Business Strategy, for a Lightning Talk at 11:40am on September 12, 2019 about "Rethinking What’s Smart: Applying Actionable Automation in Cities Today" in the King Theater. 

Visit SoftBank Robotics America directly outside the King Theater on 9/12 and 9/13 to discuss commercial automation opportunities now and the immediate future and see our latest robot in action. 

About the presentation:

The automation inflection point is rapidly approaching, and cities that fail to prepare will find themselves falling behind technologically.  The cost of catching up could be crippling. Using robotics as a physical application of automation, commercial spaces can help lead this transformation within their industry and across their home cities, right now. Likewise, the public sector can help enable responsible automation through partnerships with these local enterprises. Through automation of repetitive tasks to help augment the existing workforces, cities can drive value through efficiency, consistency, and innovation and elevate the urban experience for all citizens. Join for a discussion on the trajectory of core technologies enabling this change from the robotics arm of global connectivity giant, SoftBank, and learn what steps cities can take now to become smarter, sooner.

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