Future Offices Winter 2020

January 23-24, 2020 

Visit SBRA at Future Offices Winter 2020, Booth 5, and meet out our autonomous vacuum sweeper Whiz.

Join our Head of Commercial Automation Brady Watkins at 11:00am on Thursday, January 23 for a discussion on "Modern with Machine: Implementing the Inevitable for a More Productive Office in 2020." 

Brady will discuss the demands of the modern, machine-enabled office, spanning connectivity to confirmed clean - and the opportunities for productivity, differentiation, and real impact on health and happiness of tenants and employees. You'll walk away with insights on how to enable, implement, and pair cobotics and cobotic processes with human interaction in corporate real estate. Learn more about the discussion here.   

About Future Offices Winter:

Future Offices Winter will tackle the industry's hottest topics and trends, including, the life-cycle of corporate real estate, human-centered digital workplace transformation, and improving office facility management operations. This event brings together Fortune 500 and tech corporate real estate, workplace, facility, and design leaders for three days of workshops, site tours, case studies, keynotes, and think tank discussions.
Convene at 225 Liberty Street | 225 Liberty St, New York, NY 10281
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