CoreNet Global Summit 2019
October 20-22, 2019:

Join SoftBank Robotics America at CoreNet Global Summit for a conversation and demonstrations about innovation and automation in corporate real estate, enabling business success. 

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Listen to Brady Watkins, our Head of Commercial Automation, discuss the opportunities, benefits, and immediate takeaways for leveraging robotics and automation for cleaner commercial spaces on October 22, 2019 from 10:15 - 10:35.

About the talk:

The commercial real estate industry needs automation now. In an industry that otherwise thrives on data, what visibility do you have on repetitive, lightweight tasks throughout your services, building, or portfolio that have a serious impact on your NOI? In our talk at CoreNet, we'll zero in on the crucial service -and inherent headache- that is cleaning commercial real estate. Learn how automation and robotics can make it a cleaner, more consistent, and more efficient service for your spaces.