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How to Get a Double-Digit Increase In Your In-Store Sales

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How To Use Your Own Hotel Lobby To Increase Mobile Engagement

Mobile has changed the way both consumers and brands think about travel. Because it’s no longer
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Two Things Every Retailer Must Optimize In Store

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3 Reasons Why Retailers Need Stores In a Digital Age

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How the Robot Revolution Is Humanizing Marketing Tech

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Creating Pepper: Many Hands Make Light Work

Creating Pepper: Many Hands Make Light Work
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SoftBank Robotics Spotlight: The Life of a Robotics UX Designer

Sandrine Tourcher is a creative UX (User Experience) designer for SoftBank Robotics. Her primary
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The Internet Today, Robotics Tomorrow

It’s October 1957 and the Soviet Union has just launched the Sputnik — the Cold War seems far from
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Coding A Conversation: How Pepper Communicates

Pepper’s unique ability to emotionally interact with humans isn’t magic…it’s code! The key
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Far From Child’s Play: How Pepper Mastered the Ball-In-Cup

We wanted to test state-of-the-art robot control learning algorithms on Pepper. We already knew