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How Retail Automation Makes Your Customers and Employees Happier

This is a two part series that will outline four key strategies to effectively leveraging
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How Pepper Helps Hospitals Drive Patient Satisfaction and Revenue Growth

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These Four Trends Will Define the Next Decade of Restaurants

Marc Andreessen, the billionaire investor and co founder of venture capital firm
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How Hospitals Can Build and Engage Their Donor Base With Stories

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How To Market to Millennials - Without Losing Everyone Else

With “marketing to millennials” returning 35,800,000 results on Google, and Accenture projecting
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Three Key Takeaways from SoftBank World

In July of 2017, SoftBank hosted its annual conference, SoftBank world. The event starred founder
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The One Thing Every Retailer Misses About Markdowns

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5 Ways Millennials Are Changing Your Marketing Strategy

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Six Traits All Effective Marketing Campaigns Possess

As consumers increasingly expect ongoing, authentic and personalized interactions with their
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Driving Ancillary Revenue through Driving Engagement

Even if your hotel is the most effectively managed property in the world, the revenue growth rates